I have been learning B2 IEP with teacher Thomas and I appreciate how he handles every topic/part of the exam so that we can better understand the flow of the exam. We also appreciate how he corrects our writing/speaking on the spot in class. Overall I am liking the way the class is being handled by him. All the topics during IEP were helpful on the exam

Jergien Pardillo

I have been learning the German language (IEP) from Teacher Thomas. He is so patient. I like how meticulously correct our grammar. especially during impromptu speaking he never pressures us instead he encourages us to understand and formulate sentences on our own. I am very thankful. The IEP class has really helped me a lot to answer questions the best I could be. I love the spontaneous question and answer activity during the class. We were given the chance to think and answer on the spot and Sir Thomas patiently and meticulously correct our grammar.

Karen Garcia

My German journey is quite challenging. There are times that I almost gave up my European dream. When along the way I had to choose between taking care of my family or continuing my class. Enderun helped me a lot in my preparation with telc exam, especially B2 and IEP. They made the program appropriately and very rich in information. We were able to discuss and have a grasp of ideas in different possible topics that we will be encountering in the telc examination. We are loaded with much helpful information, knowledge, and skill to combat the telc exam and able to conquer it.

Elaine Buenafe

Through IEP I was able to prepare well with the exam and was able to present my Kurzvortrag and answer all the questions based on what we have learned during our IEP.

Aiko Dayap

IEP class exceeded my expectation, it was exhausting and fun at the same time 😊

Sheena Labe

The IEP, for me it really helps a lot, really really helps a lot.. thank you to Enderun to all staff especially to teacher Thomas our teacher in IEP.

Sherwin Ramos

I have been learning the German language (IEP) from Teacher Thomas and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the lectures. I have learned so much in my class with Teacher Thomas. ❤

Joy Ganalon


Welcome to a new world of endless possibilities! Our Beginner Courses are your gateway to learning the German language, boosting your professional profile, meeting new people, and seeing the world in a different light.

Our Beginner Courses typically provide our students fundamental, practical, and applicable knowledge of the language so they can immediately and effectively converse and manage a basic interaction.


A1 Level

This course is conceptualized to develop speaking, reading, and writing skills in the German language to the extent that the students can understand basic instructions, can complete forms and write short notes, and take part in conversations on day to day matters.

At the end of the course, the students will have acquired the knowledge of “Basic Language Use” and will possess basic functional ability to communicate and exchange information in a simple way.

A2 Level

This course concentrates on expanding reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, while revising and deepening more advanced aspects of German grammar.

Topics include language and learning, family, travel, leisure time, media, careers and social contacts. Students will write personal and official letters and emails, describe images and situations, and practice everyday forms of communication. Grammar topics include adjectives, the genitive form, causal and temporal relative clauses, and reflexive verb forms.


Hone your skills and take your capabilities further. Whether you are looking to build on your skills or master the language you are studying, our Advanced Courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge and competency to reach your goals!

Advanced Courses typically train our students to interact in and manage more complex situations where the language is used. Classes are increasingly conducted in the language, involves more dialogues, speaking and writing tasks, and listening activities with native language speakers.


B1 Level

This course encompasses more complex structures and communicative competencies in the German language. It prepares the students specifically for everyday working life in a clinic or care facility in German-speaking countries.

Students will gain the ability to express desires and intentions as well as temporal sequences. They will solidify their ability to communicate in everyday situations related to their profession. The course also features more demanding texts for listening and reading comprehension. Students become familiar with socio-cultural information. In the realm of writing, the composition of basic types of texts is pursued.

B2 Level

By the end of this course students will be able to express themselves spontaneously and clearly in everyday situations and be understood. It will enable them to express their opinion on advantages and disadvantages, understand the main information and less important details of complex texts. Students will use the language effectively and in a flexible way in their social and professional life or in training and studies.

B2+ Level

This course offers prospective students a targeted and comprehensive preparation for the telc B1/B2 Pflege exam. Simulated mock examinations allow the students to take the exam under realistic test-taking conditions. At the end of the course, the students will be familiar with the test procedure, kinds of tasks and assessment criteria.

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Our first batch (LMC 1) at Enderun started in November 2018. From the beginning we have a strong belief and well-founded confidence in Enderun. Excellent organization, enthusiastic and experienced teachers, good supporting system, innovative learning material, and modern technology. They have a well-established curriculum, yet they are flexible and open to our request. They take care of their students individually and thoroughly. Their excellency is proved by exam passing rate, our ever growing number of candidates at Enderun and low drop-out rate. LMC 1- 8, 65 out of 71 students passed the official B2 exam -- 92% B2 passing rate. With our new Batch 14, our LMC family at Enderun reached 152 members with only 2 drop-outs. We give utmost respect to their professionalism and ever-striving effort in improving the quality. Enderun is not offering just “a language course” but “state-of-art learning experience” Our decision to send our candidates to Enderun was the best decision in our agency.


We developed a great partnership with Enderun and their dedication to offering high quality education to our nurses. The level of comfort and professionalism that is offered exceeds our expectations everyday. With Enderun by our side, we are confident that we will be able to conquer any challenge that may occur in our common business.


The Study uses Matrix, a world-class, award-winning learning management system (LMS). The platform is known for delivering a great user experience, while incorporating all the essential tools needed for efficient training and learning.
The Transparent Language ® technology uses a research-based and experience-driven methodology designed to help students and adult learners quickly and clearly master a new language.raining and learning.
The Study use a reliable meeting platforms for live classes namely Zoom and Viber for communication channel.