About Us


ENDERUN EXTENSION is Enderun Colleges’ resource for continuing education, corporate learning, consulting services, and digital transformation solutions.

The Enderun Extension School offers an open and comprehensive curriculum with courses and programs to meet the interests and needs of a diverse public. Enderun Extension also offers a variety of language classes, workshops, short courses, and conferences.


The Study offers language learning courses that equip students with the benefits of both theoretical instruction and practical application. Our courses combine written exercises with fluency classes which immerse students in an environment which encourages them to speak the language they’re learning. This combination ensures that students are given enough practice to be able to communicate effectively in real-life situations.


There are around 200,000 nursing jobs predicted to open up in Germany by the year 2030. The country provides up to 60% better salary and benefits than other nursing opportunities abroad. The one major catch is that language proficiency is a must to be able to pursue a nursing career in Germany. The Study by Enderun addresses this gap with its German for Nurses language program. The course follows a four-level teaching system, beginning with A1 and A2 in general German and moving onto the nursing German levels B1 and B2. These two later levels encompass more complex structures and communicative competencies in the German language, geared specifically toward everyday working life in a clinic or care facility in German-speaking countries. They will also be prepared for the TELC external exam by taking the Intensive Exam Preparation (IEP) course, ensuring that they’ll be ready to showcase their German language skills. The Study boasts of 90% passing rates due to its German Language Program’s robust curriculum design.